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We offer round the clock solutions for your security needs.

See the list below to learn more. Here we provide you with answers to the most usual key and lock related questions. Learn new and clever ways to deal with problems.

What other services do locksmith services offer?

Locksmiths are not only trained in cutting keys and fitting locks, they also provide versatile and innovative services for your security needs. Aside from dealing with lockouts, they are knowledgeable in handling safes, door hardware and window frames. They also specialize in creating master keys which is a great alternative to bulky rings of keys and are trained to install alarm systems and CCTV cameras. Locksmith Corona can help you with these kinds of situations.

What does a lockout mean?

When we talk about keys and locks, a lockout is a common term. A lockout usually happens in houses, apartments, business establishments, and car doors. It happens when you forget to bring the keys with you or left them inside. Locksmith services are especially skilled in handling these types of situations. You do not need to crack open or break the windows or doors of your house, shop, apartment or automobile.

What is a night latch locking system?

This is an installation on the inside of a door which has an automatic feature for locking. It is great for security because it automatically locks whenever the door is closed. Sometimes it can be used in combination with another type of lock.

Do I need more than one lock on my front door?

While one lock certainly seems enough, for the best overall security you will need perhaps two more on your front door. The reason for this is that your front door is the most important door in your home and giving it only one lock is still compromising the safety and security of your home.

If I can buy door locks at the local home center, why should I ask a locksmith to handle the installation?

Most locks sold at retail stores are no better than residential quality at best and may sometimes be less secure. Our locksmiths carry higher quality products at reasonable prices designed with the best security for your home in mind. They offer pick and drill resistance, protection against unauthorized key duplication and various access control options. Our locksmiths guarantee perfect installation every time at most affordable prices.

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