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Step by step instructions about ways to secure your home with these useful locksmith posts!

What methods to follow to keep perpetrators off limits and how you can maintain a secure house. Learn how to identify old age locks and keys.

Lock Testing

Many tests have been conducted on common commercial and residential locking mechanisms in the industry. Endlessly, they have been drilled, pried, hammered, picked and outright pummeled.

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Keys and Locks: the First Signs of their Old Age

People have it wrong; dogs are not a man's best friend, keys and locks are. Your best pal, the one that will defend your right to safety and privacy is hidden in your pocket.

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Maintain Your Workplace Safe

The information found in office cabinets should be well kept because if someone gets it, he or she could endanger the performance of the company. Maintaining those files safe is a priority for most businesses.

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Keep Criminals Out: Think Of Key Change

he increasing crime rate in California is indeed a very alarming situation that troubles a lot of homeowners like you. In such a condition when your home and family security in Corona is at risk, you might not be at peace but worry all the time.

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