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Keys and Locks: the First Signs of their Old Age

01/01/2014 Back To Blog

People have it wrong; dogs are not a man's best friend, keys and locks are. Your best pal, the one that will defend your right to safety and privacy is hidden in your pocket. Keys and locks have no soul and that's why their devotion to your security is usually underestimated and forgotten and along are forgotten key repair and lock change, too. It might sound awkward, but all experts at Locksmith Corona insist that you must learn to love your keys as if they were barking.

Watch out for the first signs of their old age

Locks and keys will only fail you if you abuse them, lose them or let them get really old. Otherwise, they will do their best to keep you safe at all times either you are home or on the road. So, it is to your own benefit to dedicate some time and check possible signs of old age.

  • Do you have a hard time fitting the key into the lock? Check them both. If the key is not rusty or worn, there must be something wrong with the door locks. You should try to lubricate them.
  • You may manage to put the key in the lock, but it won't turn or come out. In this case, the key may be distorted or eroded and sticks inside the lock. In any case, you should consider immediately lock and key replacement.
  • If you press the transponder key, but the car locks don't respond, there is a problem in the communication between them and need to reprogram.
  • Of course, if you detect any damages on the key before you even try to put it in the lock, key change has priority.

If you ignore the signs, it would be on you

There are always consequences of our actions, but when it comes to your security, you should refrain from playing with fire. If you ignore the signs, the consequences are clear and expected. You will definitely deal with a house lockout someday very soon and you will surely compromise the safety of your property or your own.

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